Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arsenal 1, Bolton 1

Well it finished 1-1 and it was a bit of a non-event. They put together a nice move for their goal but until then it was sleeptime for both teams. The only word I know for it all is "rubbish." Anyway, Kolo equalized and we went for it but looked tired. And we lost Baptista so we're up against it now for a few weeks. Next is Wednesday hosting the Tiny Totts.

Watched it over at Windy's coz our cable had decided to stop working for about 12 hours. That was a long 12 hours, even if I was asleep for 8 of them. Woke up a couple of times just to re-boot the box...



Anonymous said...

Bill's Mom - glad to see you are back up on the internet. Down with Time Warner.

Bill said...

And I'm glad you made it back down, thanks for coming! We only got cable service back a couple hours ago.

g'night anonymous! :)