Friday, January 26, 2007


OMINOUS CLOUD by Broadcast.

When our kids ask us one day why we ever went to record stores, what will we say? Since I came of age during what has turned out to be a short-lived period of what should be more accurately-termed the CD store, I'll miss the clack-clack-clack as you flip through the CDs looking for exactly the one you want.

Or looking for something you're not looking for. Those serendipitous discoveries of one thing when you're looking for another. When "just browsing" turns up something useful rather than just something to say so the clerk leaves you alone.

What is really rare is when said clerk adds something to your music shopping experience. Those are the ones you go back to. I've already mentioned Rocks In Your Head before, but that's what I miss about that store. Every time I went in there was a chance, like the shoppers hearing The Beta Band in High Fidelity, that I'd walk out with something I didn't know before but that I really needed after all.

So it was with "Haha Sound" by Broadcast. I came in one afternoon and they were playing Ominous Cloud. This was something I had to find out about, and the guy said, "Just wait til you hear the rest of it!" The funny thing is, even though I do love the rest of the album, my favorite song is still Ominous Cloud, and probably for no other reason than its the one I heard first! Have a good weekend.


Photo: Happy Days.


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