Monday, January 15, 2007


MANINHA by Miúcha and Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Maninha is dedicated to our friends Andrew and Tim (which is a
potentially dodgy proposition, since even though it's a beautiful
song, it may be about the curse of the black plague for all I know.
If so, my apologies, mates!).

I'm told that Tim and Andrew have the honor of being the first guests
to make concrete plans for our wedding this summer (kind of a stacked
competition, I know, since most of you haven't yet (soon!) been told
any details about it), but even that flattering and humbling act
wouldn't be enough to get a mention on the blog. Oh no.

But Tim and Andrew gave us music, which takes it to a whole other
level. A couple years ago, around Halloween, I was struggling to put
together the Christmas CD for that year (what eventually became this),
and listening to all of the old samba tunes I had. Andrew, who was
visiting with Tim at the time, and happens to be Brazilian himself,
was unimpressed.

So Tim and Andrew enrolled me in a little remedial course in good
music, and came back that afternoon with five (!) of their own
favorite CDs for us to listen to.

Our favorite of the five has been an album from Miúcha (best
referenced in this country as the mother of Bebel Gilberto) and
Antônio Carlos Jobim, and Maninha is our favorite track from that
album. Thanks to Andrew and Tim, we hope you enjoy it!


Photo: From Hodge's farm.


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