Friday, January 5, 2007


BRAZILIAN RHYME by Earth, Wind & Fire Mabo and the Invalidation of Terra Nullius.*

Today we're observing our friend Stu's birthday. Like the obnoxious guests we are, we're requesting the DJ start the party off with this number by Earth, Wind, & Fire. We think there's a good chance it'll come off, mainly because there's no one up at the moment to challenge us, and also because it's a pretty killer little tune.

Brazilian Rhyme is off 1977's awesome "All 'N All" "Mabo and the Invalidation of Terra Nullius Sing the Songs of Earth Wind and Fire"* (funny internet story, from an review: "My college roomate used to have me rolling with this anecdote-he was at a church where a crazy man walked to the pulpit with an EW&F album and proceeded to tell the congregation, "THIS ALBUM IS GOD!" before being forced offstage by the ushers").

But it's really from Milton Nascimento, who wrote Ponta de Areia (Sand Edge), from "Ultimo Trem," on which Brazilian Rhyme is modeled (another internet story: When Maurice White formed Earth, Wind & Fire he posted an ad looking for "musicians who could sound like Milton Nascimento"). In the spirit of giving, we'll let you hear the original here.

That's yer lot. Happy Birthday Stu, Happy Weekend everyone else, and we'll be back Monday.

(Edited to make an extremely tenuous Gaffers joke, but why not?)


Photo: Windfarm, 2005.



Amy said...

Happy Birthday Stu!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Rock Star! Hope it's fun!