Wednesday, January 3, 2007


EVERYMAN by Double Exposure.

Everyman was recorded right at the end of 1975, beginning of 1976, and it shows. It's obviously a Philly record, but with its energy and exuberence, it's a classic 12" disco record first and foremost.

So Everyman is sitting on one end of a musical era from Shut 'Um Down. It's also sitting on the other end of the political spectrum, should you care to hear music so didactically. To be fair, Everyman is pretty explicit in its political message. Check out around the five minute mark where the down and out guy asks the singer for a helping hand. And the singer says? "I said no." (!)

No surprise to learn that "A conservative African-American talk show host in Cleveland used Everyman as his theme song." (Speaking of didactic, "He went as far as to read the lyrics to listeners who didn't comprehend the message he was trying to put across to the audience." Heh)

Whatever the message, this one got us bouncin' in the car, so it's goin out to yous.


Photo: Darwin Dance Hall, 2005.



KP said...

Hmmmm . . . What is it with Disco and horn sections?
Whenever I see "if you want to interpret it didactically," well, that's like an invitation. I'm not sure that music can even have a political content. As an example: (and speaking of the eighties) did all of the protest music in the world keep the Baby Boomers from turning completely around twenty years later? This is why I always try to distract my left brain when listening to music so it won't get involved.

For that matter, why to Anarchists only teach at Yale?

Bill said...

I'm tryin to avoid going meta on the blog, but if your left brain is getting itchy from all the funk, let me reassure you that we won't be lingering in any particular genre or era for too long (like, a week). If you run out of rhetorical questions over the weekend, you can pass the time wondering where we go next, haha!