Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shameless plug

Some of you may know my little sister's gettin all married & stuff. She and Chris have a website, which all the thousands hundreds tens of you should go check out, if only to stare at the wall of pictures for awhile.



Anonymous said...

From Jezebel: Dog pictures apparently aren't allowed so don't send any.

KP said...

WOW. Stillwater, America. Now that's absolutely the last thing that I expected. Having spent five long years in the middle of nowhere, I'm more than a little confused.

(BTW: Did I tell you that my dad did the the Atherton / Taylor renovation?)

You just have to love directions that include "then drive FIFTY MILES in this direction."

I'm sure that there's a great story here that I just don't know.

Did you know that Kathy K. runs the Union up there? Maybe we should put her and Kate in touch.

It's a small world after all.

Bagwell said...

Ang and I booked our flights into SGF where we will promptly steal a car from my father and drive on in. We'll be in that Mecca of Kultur from midday friday to post-breakfast sunday. See you guys there!

BTW, finally got off my arse and got the Beirut album...really liking it.

Bill said...

kp- Chris went to undergrad there and his family is still based thereabouts, so it made sense for them.

bagwell- our itinerary is similar, cept going through okc. looking forward to it! i still don't have the beirut album but i have abt 8 songs now. it's still all beach house all the time chez moi

katiem said...

Thanks for the shameless plug!

KP - Your dad did good work on the atherton/taylor renovation--they look great!

Really this is all just a giant test of friendship. So far, Bill & Bagwell pass.