Wednesday, January 17, 2007


THE RAIN by Popi Asteriadi with Lakis Pappas.

In keeping with a quasi promise i made last month, I'm posting a bit
of Greek music today. The Rain is an outtake off an album called
"Another Sunday Gone" released by Popi Asteriadi with Lakis Pappas.
No, I don't know either. Last year I stopped into Other Music a
couple times and they had a little write up on the album and I decided
I'd give it a try. I haven't been disappointed. If you like
Françoise Hardy or Bryter Layter, you should give this a listen.

"Another Sunday Gone" and The Rain are both pretty typical musical
evocations, but the nice thing about both is that at least the names
fit. This really does sound like music you'd listen to as you watch
it rain down on another Sunday afternoon.


Photo: Outside Hana, Maui.



Bagwell said...

Quasi-promise? oh it was a promise alright. Cheers for remembering!

Puts me in the mood for Retsina...

Bill said...

Yes well my problem was that on this particular track I don't really hear any "Greek" instrumentation. No bouzouki! But who knows

bagwell said...

Ah but the intro piano twinkles like a Oudi on a drunken evening....