Monday, January 22, 2007


CHILDHOOD (Live on Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie) by Beach House.

Last January I spent some time making a list of my favorite releases from 2005. Not two days after I finished it up, I came across My Morning Jacket's album, and listened to that for about two months straight (shelving all of my so-called favorites in the process).

This year I didn't go to the same trouble, but if I had, Beach House would be the group to render my list outdated. I had a song of their's, Apple Orchard, back in September but didn't pay much attention to it. The last few weeks, though, all of I've done is listen to this group.

If you've read anything about them, you've probably seen the words "Mazzy Star" or maybe "Galaxie 500." I like the latter comparison, and also perhaps The Clientele or even Beachwood Sparks.

They're opening for Grizzly Bear (another point of reference) in March and I plan to drag Amy to that.

I had one of their songs, Master of None, lined up for today, but then I heard this live recording of Childhood (h/t Stereogum) last week and it blew me away. So here it is!


Photo: Four Corners.


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