Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bolton 1, Arsenal 3 (aet)

I've only seen the highlights, but I'm going to sit down and watch the replay for a few minutes before Amy and I head off for some Valentine's Day dinner. Sounds like it was a cracker! This sets us up for a Fifth Round meeting Saturday with Blackburn. I can barely believe it, but three years ago tomorrow, Amy & I saw Jose Antonio Reyes's first goals for Arsenal in a Fifth Round match against Chelsea. We were there with Randall (who had secured the tickets) and Jeff, and also Jason and Marie, though they were sat in a different, sadder part of the ground. When that first goal went in, I thought the stadium was going to collapse. Fantastic. Anyways, this year we may have a date with Owen, who will be over from Blighty on a stag do. Beers at 7:30 a.m. could make for another memorable occasion!



The Bogun said...

Well this Saturday promises to be a challenge, this mythical Owen character arrives in NYC around 1100 on Friday and is on a stag do so should be nicely oiled by 0730 on Saturday. Does anyone have a liver for sale?

Anonymous said...

soonergooner suggests you take plenty of time to review the game. maybe the best this year ups, and downs... DENILSON!!! what a mid we have/will have!
have a well lubed for sale, with only a few(million) spots...