Monday, February 19, 2007


WHIZZ KID by Mott the Hoople.

Just like hip hop samples, undoubtedly more than half of my music is from the first half of the first half of the Seventies. Whizz Kid is no exception. It was released on "Mott," which came out in 1972, a year after Friday's offering.

I picked Whizz Kid to post yesterday, and to be honest, I hadn't listened to it since I got my first iPod four years ago. It's possible it hasn't been played since Shiloh 210 (that is, my last year in college). Back then, though, this song and that album were a huge hit at our place. This was during the Britpop era, and there were obvious family resemblances between this sound and the stuff we were listening to, like Cast and Kula Shaker, ha ha!

Listening to it now, I'm much more drawn to the portrait of New York that Ian Hunter sketches out, where you move from Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights because you're a boho groupie with a "street punk" dad and a "drunk mum." Nowadays of course you move to Brooklyn for a better return on your investment!

Anyways this song is going to lead us out of the early Seventies for a few days at least. Happy Presidents Day!


Photo: Dented.


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