Friday, February 9, 2007


IT'S YOUR THING by Cold Grits.

Back in 2005 I had the pleasure of attending Jeff's 30th birthday party in Marrakech. On the way, though, I stopped in London and picked up a bunch of CDs in Berwyck Street. One of them was this breaks compilation. One night over in Marrakech I played this track and spontaneously started hopping around my room. And I mean hopping because at the time I was recovering from knee surgery and could only hobble around with a cane!

Later that year I stuck it on this mixtape I did, which remains just about my favorite one I've done (favorite cover, at least!). Anyways, not much about the track, but it's really good, believe me! Better than the Isley Brothers even. Enjoy your weekend.

UPDATE: I see that Soul Sides has released the tracklisting for its (? his?) Volume Two compilation, which I've been looking forward to. I have a few of these tracks, including, as it happens, this very tune!


Photo: Graffiti in Valparaiso.


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