Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Arsenal matches this season have certainly followed a certain template. Quick start, no goals, brittle defending, sucker punch goal lost, strong second half, get a goal back (and sometimes get another goal back). So we won again today after again going behind. This was an entertaining match, where both sides can feel like they should have won. Arsenal because they did, Wigan because they played well and were pretty unlucky not to get a second goal or a penalty or have one or both of ours chalked off for offsides. Ironically we had third goal ruled out and it looked to be the only one that wasn't actually (or technically) offsides. Highlight of the match seeing Jens Lehmann give himself a yellow to (a) wind up Phil Dowd and (b) save himself the hassle of traveling to Cardiff for the League Cup final.

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Anonymous said...

soonergooner sez it was a wonderful match tho this -getting behind- trend sux. when I saw how open wigan were playing, I thought for sure another 4-1 drubbing was in store. only henrys' being a little off allowed the wigs to remain in. credit where credit is due, the wigans played berry well and if they continue with that kind of spirit, they should stay up. there is also something soccer not see in am sports, relegation, how it gives great motivation to teams in danger of losing 40#s if they are dropped. makes for lots of meaniful games where in am teams in similar situation are already mailing it in...