Tuesday, February 27, 2007


And we thought we had an eventful weekend! Mom left Oklahoma an hour after we did Sunday morning. But instead of making it back to the East Coast in record time, she had to negotiate a connection in Dallas, and unfortunately, Sunday's winter storm caught up with her there. She was stranded for over a day, and didn't make it back to Virginia until 7 p.m. Monday night! That's the bad news...

...The good news is that after she got home, she found out that while she had been attending the shower, she had been named (at the event described above) the Prince William County Bar Association's Guardian Ad Litem of the year! Congratulations!


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Anonymous said...

Mom says - stay out of airports. It started out with a dog eat dog crowd bent on getting on a plane - any plane - at any cost. By the time I left, 30 hours later, we were a tight knit group that cheered and applauded everytime one of our number was picked from the stand by list.