Thursday, February 1, 2007

Kids Go To Cardiff

Finished off the old enemy last night, 3-1, 5-3 on aggregate. (We're on quite a streak since we started this blog, eh?)

Here are some soundless goal clips:





Anonymous said...

Chester says:
It was a cracking game, the kids are coming along nicely. I don't agree with Goodplaya
"defence had stood firm all night. Traore (though not up against the Lasagned Lennon), was excellent before his injury."
I did notice that he was strong going forward but he overprotected the baseline allowing their guy to cut into the box most of the night. MOTM- Denilson. What a prospect! Does AW know Portugese?

Bill said...

Isn't Chester's too slow to be typing out these comments???

i didn't watch much of the match but defending the touchline is pretty crucial. plus, they only had one shot on target in normal time (and none while he was on the pitch) so he couldn't be so bad. AW does know some portuguese, i've heard, but not fluent. denilson def. looks like the real deal