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Music blogs come in different shapes and sizes. Some people are plugged into the music industry and most of their content is generated largely by freebie new material that gets sent to them. Some have their hands on huge, massive LP collections, along with the specialized knowledge that comes from years of collecting.

Of the latter group is a blog called Loronix. It's a Brazilian group blog that posts just incredible volumes of music every single day. Most of it out of print not just here but in Brazil. It's completely overwhelming, and so impressive. They need, and I'm not surprised if there are in fact, a whole substructure of blogs that cherry pick the best material and reposts it in curatorial style.

That's what we're doing today and Friday here. This track opens Toquinho's second solo album, and it's characteristic of its easy beauty. Here's how Loronix describes it (enjoy the slightly awkward English):

What a nice surprise! Toquinho is strongly associated with Vinicius de Moraes on a partnership that started in 1970 and last for more than a decade. What amazes me most in this album is that Toquinho is alone here and probably doing whatever he wants on the set.

We can listen Toquinho vocals on 3 songs, Agua Negra de Lagoa, Zana e Dobrando a Esquina, Jorge Ben duets with Toquinho on the legendary song Que Maravilha and Carolina, Carol Bela. Paulinho Nogueira is also here on Bachianinha #1 playing guitar with Toquinho.

Toquinho guitar playing is powerful and can be heard out loud throughout the entire LP.

Photo: How long it takes (2).


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