Friday, October 12, 2007


IT NEVER ENTERED MY MIND by The Miles Davis Quintet.

So I ended up alluding to the kitschmensch-ness of the Radiohead downloading experience, when that was really going to be the focus of today's song. No one can deny the amusement park quality of Corner Bistro, and I submit that it is a big draw of having a meal there.

This is where you go when you knock off work in the mid afternoon and talk about how good the burgers are and how cheap the beer is, but you bask in everyone's tacit agreement that yes, it is good to knock off work early, burgers are good, and beer is cheap.

It Never Entered My Mind by The Miles Davis Quintet has pride of place in the Corner Bistro jukebox (literally--it's "0001"), and for me it is the perfect song for the place. Lean and sentimental. Just like Corner Bistro, part of its appeal is that you can come across a million different versions, some better, some worse, and so it has a resonant quality. That appeal to nostalgia. And, of course, just like a bistro burger, it helps that it's really good on its own terms.

Have a good weekend, and we'll be back with a special CMJ schedule next week!


Photo: Corner sign (3).


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