Wednesday, October 3, 2007


ON THE WAY HOME (Live from London, 1971) by Neil Young.

Short write-up today because I'm blogging on location with a demented mouse. I found this concert bootleg a year or two ago on the internet. It's from the same period as the Massey Hall concert you can buy at Starbucks. On The Way Home has long been a favorite--I put the official Buffalo Springfield recording at the front of a mix CD I made for Amy's birthday a while back (I'd post the link to that CD at this point, but again, I'm blogging on location and don't have my full repertoire.)


Photo: The Grove (April 2006).


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corbett said...

This is a pretty version...I love those chords he uses prior to going back into the verse. It's amazing how many of those songs sound equally good sung by Neil, Richie or Steve, and this one is a great example.