Friday, October 26, 2007

Mini-Ceiling Update.

Just a quick one. I got a sander from Brian & Caryn yesterday so I can finish prepping for the real stuff. The super finally came up this morning and said it's a big job, but he wants me to wait a few days so he can check on moisture levels in the concrete. He said I need to put one coat of pink something-or-other then two coats of primer and then I can paint. I'm gonna have to talk to him again because I don't remember exactly what he said, I was still a little dazed!

We're heading up to Woodstock in a couple of hours, where we're supposed to be staying in Big Pink, but some of us are suspicious that it's not Big Pink at all. No matter, should be fun. It'll be the first time the Rivals have been together since the wedding. We're getting back late on Sunday so the Liverpool match will have to be tape-delayed. No spoilers on Sunday please!


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