Friday, October 19, 2007



So speaking of yacht rock, guess who's playing B.B. King's tonight? If I didn't have CMJ duties...

A year or so ago this concept of Yacht Rock was sweeping the internet. This is basically just SoCal soft rock from the 70s, but it's all the congenial, gormless stuff that sounds good on a jukebox and that we love around here.

Stu sent us this track so we don't know much about it. Even though these guys are German, it's got the yacht rock sound down cold. Can't you just imagine a bunch of dudes in beards bobbing along with this tune if someone slipped it on at K&M Bar?


Photo: All kinds.



corbett said...

This is awful.

Bill said...

This reminds of that time at my wedding where Corbett walked out in one direction grumbling "you've got to do something about this DJ" and then I turned around and about got knocked over by people rushing to the dance floor.

Corbett said...

Yeah, sorry, I feel bad about that...I was drinking too many blueberry drinks and getting needlessly surly. Regardless, no one should let shirtless Germans into the studios of Southern California to make records.

Bill said...

Well ,this song is awful in the same way "Tiger" by ABBA is awful. It succeeds at what it wants to do, but it's hard to justify doing it what it wants.