Sunday, October 21, 2007

CMJ Posts for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

I still can't get them on the group blog, but I can get them on my personal page. I'm pleased enough with them, so go visit ova heeya. Still playing Ghostland Observatory in my head, and was thinking of doing a best of CMJ next week, but I'm a little burned out with all the "new music" so we'll keep up with the old music here.



philip said...

as to your review of ghostland observatory. as i was one of the few kids that thought they were missing something in the live show (the antics of behrens aside - the crowd loved him) are right that the guitar was not loud enough. also, behren's mic was not turned up enough (he voice was shriller than it normally is). some songs didn't have enough bass either. but hey, it could have been were i standing.

Bill said...

I see what you're saying, but I think seeing them live dancing around like nutcases is much better than just listening to their records--->which i'm listening to right now, and they seem surprisingly lo-fi. Maybe it's the copy I have

Philip said...

On that point I agree. Half of the reason of going to a live show is for the performance (hopefully) and charisma (if any) that comes out.