Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

As soon as we hit four goals I had a feeling we'd end with seven. Seems like we have an affinity for seven goals over the years, against Everton, Boro, I think Pompey, (I should probably look these scores up but I won't). Hopefully it put a little fright into Liverpool but given their ability to spoil matches I'd be more than happy with a point (which would also let them maintain their "unbeaten" streak in the league). And even if we lose, what a run we've had to start this season! Nearly November, and only two points dropped, no goals conceded in Europe. Hats off to our kids!


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soonergooner said...

"Hats off to our kids!"
As always, I'll second that notion!

Sleep well last night, Phil?