Wednesday, October 10, 2007


ROLLIN BACK by My Morning Jacket.

Going back to Monday's post, the Nick Drake record is displayed in the Corner Bistro jukebox as album "07." So every time I have a burger there I punch in "0709" to call up One Of These Things First.

The last couple of times, however, I haven't heard that song playing when I punch in 0709. Instead (and it's taken a bit of listening and guesswork to figure this out), it's been Rollin Back by My Morning Jacket. Somebody there has switched out albums without replacing the cover.

Previously I haven't been much of a fan of My Morning Jacket. Their reputation turned me off. As much as I love The Allman Brothers and the Southern Rock you hear on classic rock radio, I've always been wary of the progeny thereof. I've got an unshakeable conviction that it's all tuneless endless reactionary tedium. I'll not name names and trust you'll know who I'm talking about (or not know).

All the reviews I had read of My Morning Jacket had them pegged in that same group, so I ignored them for a long time. But a couple years ago I got a free copy of "Z." And I totally loved it. I was just blown away by how moving and listenable it was. And while I haven't become a fanboy yet, I'm really poised to go for that. Hearing Rollin Back (off MMJ's prior album, "It Still Moves") at Corner Bistro by accident a couple of times has me really excited for what comes next from them.


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corbett said...

Well, you used to love the Black Crowes...

Bill said...

yeah but the crowes had tunes! My objections arent ideological, but empirical. Most of those southern jam bands are boring