Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back from Not-Big-Pink

So that wasn't Big Pink, but we still had a great time up in Woodstock this weekend. We got back a little bit ago, and I immediately sat down and watched our match with Liverpool. What can you say? We weren't great, and I guess you'd have to credit Liverpool for that. And they took advantage of our slow start and grabbed a goal. But Liverpool really are terrible aren't they. A point that should have been three.

...Also, good thing Benitez has a grudge against Crouch, he was so much better than Torres it's untrue. Maybe Torres wasn't fit, but that tells its own story.



John said...

There's something wrong at Anfield. No one is having any fun. Especially Crouch. Don't know what Rafa is thinking. He's stubborn. Man, if you don't think Arsenal looked good, your expectations are sky high. I thought they were great.

Bill said...

I thought we looked good but not at our best. Some of that is to Liverpool's credit, but we didn't have quite enough cutting edge. Hence 1 point instead of 3.

While I'm commenting on this post, Corbett thinks he figured out the house we stayed at: "Maybe it was Danko's place...take a look at 266 & 267 on"