Thursday, November 15, 2007

All mod cons

I know a few of you would like to play music directly over the internet without worrying about downloading and importing and all that. To that end I added a music player on the right-hand side of the blog. Just click on whatever song and it should stream directly, if you have Flash capability. If it works for people, we'll keep it!

I neglected to do this earlier, but I also wanted to point people to my friend Kendal's essay on Oklahoma's 100th birthday (tomorrow!). It's thoroughly readable and original and for my money it gets at something important about the Oklahoma character.


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Anonymous said...

Oklahoma's inferiority complex is well known. And misguided. In many older states, the residents live in a place defined by others. Not so, Oklahoma. It is a fabulous state that is still alive and growing. It gives locals a chance to be part of building something wonderful that has their own personal mark on its character. For some people, this means a great deal. A big problem with Oklahoma's sense of identity is that, with so many people home grown, they don't have anything to compare it to beyond what they see on TV or read about. They live close enough to the swaggering Texans to spit back at them and not feel inferior. And god knows, ANYONE is better than Arkansas folk. But places like the East or West Coasts are much less familiar and many locals think they might actually be "better."