Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's not that boring is it?

I expected the first scorer to go on and win 3-1 so at halftime I was pretty resigned. Fortunately we got a quick goal (brilliant work from Alex Hleb for that by the way), and it turned into a memorable match. We've dropped four points the last two matches which is two more than I was hoping, so the pressure remains on us.

Good times today though. Oren rang at 7:30 wondering why the match wasn't on yet (he forgot that UK's daylight savings time started last week). After the match we spent some time chatting with the bartender, who was chopping up limes & stuff to fill up his service tray. That's because, as Windy told me later, I had knocked over the whole tray ("cherry juice everywhere") celebrating our second goal. I had no idea.

By the way, here are the complete highlights from the Liverpool match.


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