Friday, November 2, 2007


TRANSPARENT DAY by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

I've been looking forward to posting this song for a couple of days. Not because it's really good (although it is), but ever since I put up the Judee Sill song I've had it in my head. I'd sing it to myself. But not "Jesus Was a Crossmaker." Instead I'd sing "Jesus Was a Homewrecker" or "Jesus Was an Arm-Breaker" or "Jesus Was a Drug-Taker" or "Jesus Was a Handshaker" or something else. Try it! Once I started I couldn't stop.

Moving on... I've been wanting to hear The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band forever, mostly because every single review or interview of The Clientele I've ever read it's been "this band sounds like The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band" or Alisdair Maclean saying "I wish I had written Transparent Day by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band" or something similar.

And it turns out that the first album is excellent all the way through. It's got a good amount of weirdness sprinkled through it; I can see why they only have a cult following. Transparent Day doesn't have any of that weirdness, though, just Byrdsiness, so don't worry! As always enjoy your weekend. If you're me this is a big sports weekend--Arsenal v. Man United tomorrow morning, OU v. A&M tomorrow night.


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Corbett said...

This song is great. Thanks for posting it (and for finally buying this record).

Anonymous said...

Jesus was a love maker.
Jesus was a bath taker.
Jesus was a match maker.

Mom (sorry - couldn't resist)

I wish I could get this out of my head, now.