Tuesday, November 13, 2007

La Francophonie

While (hopefully) all of you have been listening to Bokme from yesterday, I've been listening to this out-of-print Guinean record, "Venez Voir!!" by the 22 Band. There's very little I can tell you about it, except it's a large West African ensemble, circa 1980, fusing electric with "traditional" with Cuban styles, so it sounds vaguely similar to the Rail Band and Orchestra Baobab (though not really too close). If any of you are interested in it, let me know, I've got it uploaded already in fact.

So yes, the Francophonie. Arsenal-blogging has been kind of silly this season so far, we've yet to lose, and haven't even conceded a goal in Europe, so writing it up is almost gratuitous. I watched the match yesterday, and the only thing I can brag about is that after 15 minutes of watching Alexander Hleb miscontrol every single ball that went to him and looking completely hopeless, I thought to myself, "He's now bound to set up a goal, or score, or both." Which was true! Too bad I didn't get my prediction in print!


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soonergooner said...

Well, I believe ya. In fairness to the belarussian, there always fitty guys around him, it seemed. I was amazed at the number of people that gave him MOTM. Really do like Bokme and have listened several times. Favorite goal at Reading, the disallowed original third, by far.