Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be thankful for what you've got.



Anonymous said...

And we have a lot to be thankful for!

Love, Mom

Don said...

As I mull the destiny of the avalance of leftovers, a bit about the Norman gathering. Wind and I spent the morning cooking and carving modest sized bird and hoghind. No epidermis escaped! We accompanied our contribution arriving almost simutaneously with the Texas contigent shortly thereafter, Kate and rockstar Chris. Party definitely ON! First up, rehashing ttu debacle, r.i.p. As the meal was being laid out, I found we had NO COFFEE! SACREBLEU! Off to the condo where I got to meet Blake! First impression, whadda bunch of hair. Fine fellow he, had the good sense to bestow an initial smile on crazy unc, insuring undying devotion...
Back to brew said coffee only to find noone knew I had brought a corkscrew(in our cooler) and Bob had been dispatched to retrieve one. Hmm, an hour later, corkscrew and screwball showed enabling proceedings to commence..
Usual gluttony ensued, barely denting the supplies.
Sparkling conversation, pies, and further carb packing was interupted only by Kieras' performance of hundreds of her "songs I know by heart." Oh, and the appearance of THE MONSTER bedeviling Kiera, Mary Carolyn, and Zack. Fortunately, they had the Tardus to enable their escape.
Kate and r.s.Chris decided to head to Stillwater afterward. Texans back to bajaOklahoma. Wind and I foolishly decided a movie was in order. Rented Knocked Up, no inference from me, really! Managed to see only the intro, SURPRISE!
Missed yall, I hope you had a great time w/Nicknfam.
Now, where is that pepto...

Windy said...

and by "Blake" he meant "Boone,"

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear. I was trying to figure out where another nephew had come from. :)

Love, Mom