Friday, November 23, 2007


Listen to JUST TO KEEP YOU SATISFIED (Alternate Vocal) by Marvin Gaye.

Hi there, hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving! Here's a track for both veteran and casual Marvin Gaye fans. Recall a few months ago we posted one other Marvin Gaye track, I Met A Little Girl, from the psychodramatic "Here, My Dear." As we were saying, that entire album was a disturbingly candid commentary on Marvin's divorce from Anna Gordy.

"Though the many happy times we had / could really never outweigh the bad."

This was a concept from out of nowhere...except that it had been hinted at four years previously with Just To Keep You Satisfied, the final song on "Let's Get It On." Everyone knows the title track, and the rest of the album is just as sex-crazed...except for Just To Keep You Satisfied! ...Satisfied is frank, ironical, bitter, emphatically not an easygoing sex jam. It recasts Let's Get it On (both the song and the album) in an entirely different light. But there's no real way to understand Marvin Gaye without understanding his obsessions with sex and regret, so ...Satisfied is a key track.

Until the "Let's Get It On" deluxe edition came out, I was really intrigued as to how Marvin was able to shoehorn such a revealing and honest (and so bitter) lyric into this relatively conventional music. It's like one of those pop songs that sound all happy until you listen to the lyrics and their about jumping off a bridge. As it turns, out, ...Satisfied originally was a conventional ballad about being a good husband that Marvin (and Anna!) had written a few years back but never recorded. The deluxe edition has earlier cover versions with the original, "normal" lyrics.

But to close "Let's Get It On," with his marriage now in shambles, headed eventually to divorce, Marvin took the song and gave it a new arrangement and new lyrics to reflect his disappointment and disillusionment. The version we're posting today is an alternate vocal (for those of you already familiar with the album version), also available on the Deluxe Edition.

That's all we have for you today, so have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

You were my wife, my life, my hopes and dreams
For you to understand what this means, I shall explain
I stood all the jealousy, all the bitchin' too
Yes, I'd forget it all once in bed with you
Ooo darling how could we end up like this?
Oh baby let me reminisce

Oh and when we, woo, stopped the hands of time
You set my soul on fire, my one desire
Was to love you and think of you with pride
And keep you satisfied, oh baby oh baby
We could not bear the mental strain
Leave you, I laugh at men too
Now you see how much you hurt me
But if you ever need me, I'll be by your side
Though the many happy times we had
Can never really outweigh the bad
Oh I'll never love nobody like I loved you baby

It's time for us to say farewell, farewell my darlin'
Maybe we'll meet down the line
It's too late for you and me, it's too late for you and I
Much too late for you to cry
It's too late for you and me, much too late for you and I
It's too late for you and me, much too late for you to cry baby
Ah we tried, God knows we tried
Now it's too late to live and love and ah it's too late baby
It's too late for you and me, much too late for you to cry
Oh oh ohhh it's much too late
Well, all we can do is, we can both try to be happy

- Mom

soonergooner said...

I suppose you're saving the Macy's t-day parade rendition of the OU fight song till next weeks' game(hopefully/probably).
Now, on to the main course of this holiday w/e. What a banquet of action sat et sun.
Sadly, around here, the departure of our favorite Windy will be compounded by the need to dvr the return of the Arse, and the demands of work(bleh! snow alert, doncha know).
Guess we'll have to be happy with a journey to Norman to witness (I hope) the Sooners reduce a 40yr OLDMAN to tears(I really hope!)
Back to check out said Arse v wig while watching the possible epic in KC. Whew! Brother, can you spare some time...