Thursday, November 29, 2007

List of "Top 100" Oklahoma musicians

My Dad just sent me this list that put together, of the Top 100 musicians from Oklahoma. Definitely worth checking out.

Just on first pass, Bob Wills (9!), Jimmy Webb (58), and Henson Cargill (71) are way too low (especially Bob Wills wtf?), but everybody is entitled to their opinion. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head they completely left out but I know there's one or two.

Interesting facts I just learned: Neal Schon from Journey (who my friend Chris memorably described as having a guitar tone "like a wet bar of soap") was born in Oklahoma City; Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains lives on a ranch outside Atoka; The Gap Band is from Tulsa, and their name was originally the "Greenwood, Archer, and Pine Street [i.e. Black Wall Street. Great book here if you're unfamiliar] Band;" and Spade Cooley brutally stomped his wife to death.

I may return to this list some week in the future!



Laura said...

Shouldn't Merle have an honorary mention?

Bill said...

Good point, but I'm not sure he ever actually lived in Oklahoma.

Also, no Jack Guthrie, no credibility.

soonergooner said...

Tho Merle sparked cafeteria fights between factions in Muskogee, he never lived here. His parents moved to cal and he was born there. Keep an eye on "the ones we missed." Leo Kotke was mentioned this week....