Friday, November 16, 2007

Oklahoma birthday party.

The best part about yesterday is that Maddox called up and said he had tickets to the OU basketball game. The best part of that is that when we got there we found out that not only did we have tickets but they were in the second row courtside. And then when we got to our seats, someone was sitting in them, but the best part of that was that we just sat in the seats right in front of them! We did our best to have fun and not get kicked out (we were on our last warning with the security lady, and one of the Memphis players actually turned around during a free throw to tell Maddox to "shut the hell up") and just about managed it.

Then we went to a bar across the street, and the best part of that was that we saw Arizona beat Oregon.

But now I have a headache.



Anonymous said...

Sigh. No offense to your father (a darling man), but you are definitely his son!

Glad you had fun.

Love, Mom

soonergooner said...

Yup, sounds like a pretty good way to celebrate 100. BTW, thanks for the call. Fri,(the actual bday) was a good day for most okies, even tho both sooner teams felt the agony of defeat. Pretty busy day, breakfast and parade in Guthrie, scan for dad in Moore, Busters eye gettin checked, (cataract, should shrink as he grows, surgery not rec), Centennial todo last night. All in all, good stuff...

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I could have attended the Oklahoma festivities. Sounds like your dad did it up right!


Don said...

"No offense to your father" since this is essentially a music blog, I am looking forward to a little Tull, eventually. Aqualung was one I always enjoyed, both musically and showmanship wise. Saw em at the GREAT STATE FAIR ARENA. Never played it much when you were around here. Don't know if you have ever listened to any but the commercial out takes. Lots to like, eg: "...I don't believe you, you got the whole damn thing all wrong.."

Bill said...

"don"? whence "soonergooner"? as for tull, well, i'll do what i can