Monday, November 26, 2007


Listen to DANSE KALINDA BA DOOM by Dr. John.

How to describe Danse Kalinda Ba Doom? Do you say that it is in a near-perfect groove as soon as it wants to be? That it's one of the eeriest, creepiest pieces of music you'll hear? That its first 25 seconds are almost completely disorienting, and that it is still revealing its secrets 40 years after it was recorded? How can we market this boogaloo crap? (Those first questions are mine, the last one reportedly what Ahmet Ertegun asked when first presented with the "Gris-Gris" album.)

I have this image of wandering into a voodoo back alley swamp where you're not supposed to be under the influence of something or another. In other words, what New Orleans is "supposed" to be like. But after Katrina everybody knows that's not the case and besides, Danse Kalinda and the rest of the album was recorded in L.A.--on studio time borrowed from Sonny & Cher!

I've done my best not to simply throw this song to the audience and beg you to listen to it, but you really should listen to it. (And adjust the balance so you don't have the always annoying late-60s aggressive stereo separation.)


A bit of signposting for you. This week the theme is a few songs with an "otherworldly" sound. Next week Corbett has been invited back to do some more of his songs. Then the following week we're going to roll out this year's Holiday Mix, which is already 95% done! Have a good Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I listened to the song and really liked but it scared the dog.

Love, Mom