Monday, January 21, 2008


Listen to DO THE DU by A Certain Ratio.

A late blog this morning, but with the expected low traffic with today's holiday, I'm sure you both will forgive us.

I know none of you will skip this post, because that would be silly. Do The Du is only the most danciest, floor filler-est, funnest dance punk single imaginable. And that's no exaggeration. Well, slight exaggeration, because I'm sure someone out there could imagine a song that would automatically force everyone in the world to stand up and pogo for two minutes straight and sweat five buckets of sweat.

But that song would just sound like Do The Du. With video game sounds. We should make this song. Then we could make it our national anthem like Valentine Strasser. The Republic of Liberal Fascism. That would be good.

Photo: Soho graffiti (1).


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Bill's mom said...

"I'm sure you both will forgive us"

Har, har.