Friday, January 25, 2008


Listen to STARLIGHT by The Supermen Lovers.

As I mentioned yesterday, Jason couldn't be with us today, but I've brought you the next best thing (?), which is me playing a song I know Jason likes.

But I like this one too!

In fact I like it a lot. Jason, as he mentioned and as some readers know, came to our wedding this summer with a stack of tunes to play at our reception. (And by sheer force of personality he played the entire stack... )

Anyway, beforehand he sent me his selections, and Starlight is the one I immediately gravitated to. It's happy house music, and that's all I know about it. I like it and Jason does too. Have a good weekend, and if all goes well we'll be back here Monday with a new look!

Photo: Islesford Sunset.



uncle billy said...

Nice pick. Good luck with the conversion this w/e...

Bill's Mom who loves Amy said...

-if all goes well we'll be back here Monday with a new look!-

I hope you keep the pictures associated with each of your profiles!

Philip said...

My comment for the last one was meant for this one. obviously.