Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Listen to SPLIT by Kleenex/LiLiPUT.

I was just saying yesterday that sometimes these posts write themselves. Here we go again! Today we have John Harris of the Guardian to thank, because he has said everything I want to say about this fantastically ecstatic joint:

With lyrics like 'Hotch-potch, hugger-mugger, bow-wow, hari-kiri, hoo-poo', how could anyone forget late 70s punk outfit Liliput? ...

Kleenex, once fleetingly cracked up to be the "Swiss Slits" and forced to change their name to Liliput (which should actually be written LiLiPUT, apparently) by the international tissue manufacturers. They lasted from 1978 until 1983, and have since been pretty much lost to history. ...

The third is a product of their Liliput/LiLiPUT incarnation, and probably the best: a brilliantly cacophonous song called Split, whose lyrics go, "Hotch-potch, Hugger-mugger, bow-wow, hari-kiri, hoo-poo". [It] sound[s] a bit like the terminally underrated Elastica (or, rather, Elastica sounded like them)
Girl power, eh? Hope you like it!

Photo: Downtown afternoon.


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