Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Listen to SAND IN MY JOINTS by Wire.

Wire made their reputation for smart, angular post-punk rock. (Well, with my generation, they made their reputation as the band that Elastica ripped off.)

People that are at all familiar with Wire know their debut album, Pink Flag, which is strikingly concise and aggressive (and whence Three Girl Rhumba, the Elastica song, comes). Over time the band got longer and more esoteric. By the time their third album came out, 154, Wire was truly sui generis. But here at the blog, we like the fun stuff. Sand In My Joints, from Wire's second album, is about as fun as Wire gets.

In other words, it may not a party, but it's rifftastic, and it's short, so what's not to like?

Photo: Empire State Building series, #3.


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