Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Listen to LONDON GIRLS by The Vibrators.

In ideological terms, The Vibrators can't catch a break. They weren't REAL punks, you see. They didn't have an agenda. Careerists. Hacks. Dressed-up pub rockers. They weren't into subverting the establishment or setting the scene.

Thankfully, here at the blog we listen to our music, not argue with it. And their first album is pretty fine (and to be fair, most music fans agree).

When I went looking for fun punk music to share with all of you, I frankly didn't expect to dip into the Vibrators catalog. But London Girls came up one day when I was thinking of something else, and that riff never quit. It stuck with me for a few days until I was forced to admit defeat, and upload the song.

Photo: Soho Graffiti (2).


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