Thursday, January 24, 2008


Listen to EVERYBODY'S HAPPY NOWADAYS by The Buzzcocks.

The Buzzcocks were never just "punk." They were "punk-pop" or "poppy punk" or "radio friendly punk." Well, not that last one, because of their tendency to name songs things like Orgasm Addict. Not exactly radio friendly. But musically, The Buzzcocks are as accessible as you would ever want.

Everybody's Happy Nowadays even embodies qualities that you don't normally hear in punk music. Wistfulness, nostalgia, even regret. It reminds me of a late 70s All Summer Long, in fact. Fun, but misty eyed. An excellent song.

Thus ends our little tour of punk music! Tomorrow I will be posting a Jason-like song in his stead (he's currently off in Oz, so we'll see), then next week we'll be back with some exciting content and (hopefully) a remodel of the blogspace. Can't wait!

Photo: Soho Graffiti (4).



Corbett said...

An excellent song. One thing: if this is punk, what is punk? The whole thing kind of falls apart, doesn't it?

Bill said...

I see your point, maybe. Or maybe not? why wouldn't this be punk? I don't really know the answer tot hat question. Punk can mean "creative democracy" which means any DIY job is punk, or it can mean a particular time and place in music history. Which this fits. Or it can mean a certain kind of sound. Which this may or may not fit. It's poppy, but why wouldn't also be punk, or does it have to be anarchistic, or shouty, or something

Philip said...

Had a feeling it would be 12:05.

Bill said...

what's funny is last night it really was 12:05. I typed it up after I got home. Pure coincidence.