Thursday, January 10, 2008


Listen to LOLA by The Raincoats.

This one is a curious pick, because I think it's a curio, not a classic. The drums on here are so amateurish they almost make me want to join a band!

But The Raincoats are another seminal feminist punk band, famously name-checked by Kurt Cobain back in the day, and loads of people love this version in particular. Also, I've been listening to The Kinks non-stop this week, so this cover is a way to give a little love back to them while staying on the theme. Plus, you have to say the female viewpoint to this song does give it something a little different.

Anyway, have a listen so you'll know what The Raincoats are all about.

Before we go, we'd like to share some excellent news with you. Starting tomorrow, and continuing every (or at least the occasional) Friday, our good friend Jason will be spinning his tunes here on the blog. He's got carte blanche to post whatever he wants, so you'll get something very different than what we're doing the rest of the week. Check back here tomorrow to see what he's got.

No matter what, we'll be back here Monday with some more fun punk music!

Photo: Palace kitchen chimneys.



P.J. Nissim said...

hello, I actually stumbled across your blog desperately searching for the theme to 400 blows. I see it has been taking down but I'm curious as to whether or not you may or may not have it.

email me:

thanks! keep up the good work

Bill said...

p.j., give these another try. enjoy!