Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Rivals in Brooklyn

I just got a heads up that The Rivals are playing a show in Brooklyn this Saturday:

Hi everyone,

I wanted to invite you to my band's (The Rivals) gig this Saturday evening (1/12) at the Magnetic Field in Brooklyn Heights (97 Atlantic Ave., between Henry & Hicks). We'll kick off around 8:30. It's a really fun place and easily accessible from the 2/3, 4/5, M/R or F/A/C lines.

We're now featuring our new multi-instumentalist Keith Sigel in the group, and he's excited to show off his banjo skills to all of you.

So, if you need a little reminder of warmer climes and desert skies, come on out to hear the Folk-Rock explosion that is The Rivals! We'd love to see you (and anyone else who digs Phil & Don-style harmonies) there!

Please see and for more details.
We'll be there!



Bill's Mom said...

What are those things on the ground that the little Indian girl is looking at?

Bill said...

scalps? no, i think they're moccasins

Corbett said...

Id, ego & superego.

Bill's Mom said...

Of course, now that I squint my eyes I can see that, Corbett. Thanks!