Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Law of averages

When we do it, we do it in style, don't we? Spurs no doubt deserved to go through, but that's what's so great about our approach to the League Cup. When we play our kids, wins are so humiliating, and losses are easy to shrug off.

Of course, we ended up playing a lot more first teamers than any of us would like, but at least none of them got hurt. Can't wait to read Spurs fans talking about how they've turned the corner against us...


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uncle billy said...

The plug n play mentality didn't click for us in this game. Seems the senior players failed to bring the yuguns up, and worst, sunk to poor play(Gallas) and poor mentality(Ade). Too bad, but really, not a great loss. Hope it isn't a sign of further unraveling.