Sunday, January 6, 2008

Does anyone care about the FA Cup?

I care that we won our match today, but is that the same thing? If I was told that we were disqualified tomorrow on account of Eduardo blinking too many times per minute, I'm not sure it would make any difference to me at all. Maybe this is where being a British/local fan against being an overseas fan comes most into play. I don't have any romantic attachments to the cup; I don't have any feeling whatsoever for Burnley, I don't even know where Burnley is (though I suspect that IS something I have in common with plenty of North Londoners). At the moment, I think I care more about the Carling Cup than I do the F.A. Cup, because the former is an undiluted glimpse of our team's future. Our F.A. Cup teams have an odds and sods character to them.

Meanwhile I still defend the college bowl system (though less and less all the time) mainly for its nostalgia value...


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soonergooner said...

Always thought of the FA in terms of the old softball team hosting the NY Yankees. Once in a million times the drunken club team would prevail. Seems this w/e reinforces the cup by the number of prem teams sent home.
Interesting the comparison of FA cup and the bowl system. The bowls are now a clear impediment to the product. The more meaningless bowl games added seem to dilute the satisfactory end of season.