Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Listen to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS by Delta 5.

Sometimes these posts just write themselves, and thanks to youtube, today is one of those times. I had two ways to write about Mind Your Own Business by the Delta 5. One, since it's the New Hampshire primary today, I could make a dumb joke about this being a Ron Paul-style campaign theme song. But Ron Paul has already beat me to it! (Here's another politically-themed version actually using the song.)

Or, I could say that if you've never had an irrepressible urge to dance around like an idiot, then you definitely have never heard this song. Here are a couple of girls bouncing around to it. Here are a couple more. And here's my favorite, a guy dancing around the corner of Prince Arthur and St. Dominique, which is kinda ground zero for tourist Montreal. In fact, that bar in the background is exactly where the bachelor party last summer initially gathered. Anyway, great tune, unstoppable bass line, you'll love it.

Photo: Sun goes down in Hudson Square.



soonergooner said...

"unstoppable bass line, you'll love it." Sure do! This might be a good week as I too will be catching up on tunes that slipped by as I was dwelling in the 60s. Sooner aside, OU finishes #8 with B12 having 4 in top ten!
Good year, lousy finish, AGAIN!

Bill's mom said...

That guy is GOOD!